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BONGO BHOG Govind Bhog Rice - Premium Aromatic


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  • Govind Bhog rice is short grained aromatic rice and has the most economical and versatile cooking nature. A lot of delicious dishes that includes Khichdi, Pulao, Kheer, Ghee Rice, Biryani can be prepared with the aromatic Gobindobhog rice. Prepare delicacies like lemon rice, jeera rice, onion rice and payesh. It is best quality rice from Bengal. Ingredients : Energy (Kcal): 362, Protein (g): 7.5, Carbohydrate (gm): 76.17, Fat (gm): 0.4, Cholesterol: nil, Dietary Fibre (gm): 3, Calcium (mg): 33. How to Use : Use as per Indian cooking method.